Plan Outline for Children with Severe Food Allergies

Updated: July 17 2004

This article by Rhonda Riggott Stevens, MA discusses the possible accommodations that may be made when a child goes off to school. It is a fantastic resource that provides a checklist style approach to developing an Accomodations Plan/504 Plan for children with food allergy. This checklist presents a codified format that organizes the plan into discrete categories. It addresses awareness, training, prevention and emergency response protocols in the learning environment and school related environments.

Guidelines for Managing Life-Threatening Allergies in Connecticut Schools

“Food allergy is a growing food safety concern in the United States and creates a challenge for our schools. Approximately 6 percent of school-aged children have a significant food allergy and may be at risk for anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. Currently, there are no medications that cure food allergy. Therefore, strict avoidance of the food allergen is the only way to prevent allergic reactions. Deaths have occurred in schools because of delays in recognizing symptoms and not responding promptly or effectively. Plans that focus on food allergy education, awareness, avoidance and immediate treatment of allergic reactions are critical to saving lives.”

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